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Glycemic Chart

Here are examples of some foods from highest to lowest. The higher the number, the more it affects blood sugar. Remember, most people will eat two to three times the serving size.

Pancakes: 346

Bagel: 340

Orange Soda: 314

White Rice: 283

Two Slices of White Bread: 260

Baked Potato: 246

Brown Rice: 222

Medium Serving of French Fries: 219

Cola Soda: 218

Hamburger Bun: 213

English Muffin: 169

Doughnut: 205

Cornflakes: 199

Corn on the Cob: 171

Blueberry Muffin: 169

Spaghetti: 166

Instant Oatmeal: 154

Chocolate Cake: 154

Orange Juice: 119

1 Ounce Cookie: 114

Banana: 85

Apple: 78

Orange: 71

Pinto Beans: 57

Grapes and Peaches: 47

Grapefruit: 32

Whole Milk: 27

Peas: 16

Strawberries: 13

Carrot: 11

Peanuts: 7

Spinach and Other Leafy Greens: 0

Most Non-Starchy Vegetables Like Broccoli: 0

Looking at this list can help guide you into making the right decisions for you. The higher the Glycemic Load, the greater the chance to be in fat-storing mode. It is not just about controlling your weight but getting the proper nutrition your body needs to stay energized and stay healthy.


We hope this helps you on your journey to a Stress Free Life.

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