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Counting Calories and Still Not Losing Weight? Try This, It Works! Part 13

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

I joined many Facebook groups that were for people trying to lose weight. What I saw surprised me. Almost every question or comment was centered around calories.

How many calories a day should they be consuming.

How many calories they should eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, plus snacks.

This is why 95% of all diets fail because it is a one-sided approach to a three-part solution.

I even wonder if most of those people know what a calorie is?

It is a unit of energy that food supplies our bodies.

The general thinking is that if you consistently eat more calories than you burn each day, it will be stored as fat. That is why people usually start to exercise when they start a diet. The proper exercise is good, but it takes a lot of exercise to burn calories. Example: You are at work, and someone brought in a box of a dozen donuts. You know you shouldn't indulge, but you do because you know you are going to drive to the gym to walk on a treadmill after work. The average donut is 195 calories. You would have to step up all 102 stories of the Empire State Building in New York City to burn off the calories from that donut.

This failed approach is where most diets end. The Stress Free Diet would also note that the glycemic load (the amount it raises your blood sugar and insulin response) will keep you in a fat-storing mode for hours. You ate the donut because you were under stress at work, to make matters worse. Your body was craving quick energy because of being in stress response, causing elevated cortisol levels, a fat-storing hormone like insulin.

If you want to lose weight, counting calories will often lead to frustration and increased stress which will only have you reaching for the next donut.

Feel free to join the Stress Free Diet, which is free. Each week on the Stress Free Diet podcast, we detail how to use the three-prong approach will give you the best chance of losing your unwanted weight and increasing your vitality.

In the following episodes, I will detail the Glycemic impact of food and stress in reaching optimum health.

We hope this helps you on your journey to a Stress Free Life.

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