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How Diet and Lifestyle Can Help Relieve Stress

  1. You'll be able to stick to your diet for the long haul because you're addressing the root of the problem: stress.

  2. You'll have more energy and vitality because you're eating foods that give you sustained energy.

  3. You'll lose weight and keep it off because you're eating healthy, balanced meals that don't leave you feeling deprived or stressed out.

  4. You'll feel happier and more relaxed because you're not living in a constant state of stress resulting in keeping your blood pressure under control.

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Imagine waking up every day with love, joy, peace, and a sound mind. All is accomplished by turning off your Stress Switches.


This book provides the answers to why:

  • Most people experience a 300% failure rate on diets, budgets, exercise, and other positive life programs.

  • Traditional stress relief tactics are not enough?

  • You should be in the Rest, Digest and Restore vs. Fight, Flight and Freeze response.

  • Why your Go-To always sabotages you and how to fix it.

STRESS FREE YOU is a montage of authentic, entertaining, enlightening, and often touching illustrations to encourage you on your journey to a stress-free life. It also includes thought-provoking Study Guide questions at the end of each chapter.

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Are you stressed out every time you go to work? Is dealing with people issues your biggest challenge?

Science reveals that when people are stressed, they do not function at the capacity they were designed; instead, they employ all kinds of self-centered tactics (Stress Switches) to make themselves shine while the business falls apart from within.

In STRESS FREE WORK, authors Matt Rush and Rich Taylor identify 575 Stress Switches and their Fixes in a fun, informative, and practical book that will positively transform the workplace forever. On these pages, you will discover:

  • How to Succeed Without Being Stressed

  • Why Stress is So Harmful

  • How to Thrive as a Stress-Free Employee

  • How to Be a True Leader

Most people spend the majority of their lives at work. So why not make the best of it? This book is for you.

Stress and Health

How many diets have you tried? How long did they last? Most diets fail because they only deal with what goes in your mouth. The Stress Free Diet knows that your brain and emotions will significantly affect your motivation and willpower.


The Stress Free Diet understands that most people make unhealthy food and lifestyle choices because they are in a Stress Response. (Flight, Fight or Freeze) This response causes them to crave and reach for foods that will give instant gratification but leave them dealing with extra pounds and low energy issues.


The Stress Free Diet combines stress prevention and nutritional education that will finally set you on course to be the weight you desire and the turbo-charged energy that accompanies it. Check out all the parts of the Stress Free Diet below and all the additional parts that are added each week. All FREE!

Disclaimer: This information is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen.


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